Narrator: The Trix cursed Tecna's Cellphone which she had rid to find the Sirenix Book. Instead, she opened an evil forbidden tone and was transformed into a robot. But the Winx restored Tecna to herself and found the Sirenix Book.

Scene: AlfeaEdit

Aisha: Of course we should open it. Think of what we've been through to get the Sirenix Book.

Tecna: That's exactly what I'm thinking.

Aisha: I think we should try. (Opening the Sirenix Book) It's not opening.

Tecna: Seriously?

Aisha: Check it out.

Tecna: (Trying to open the book) Huh?

Flora: Hey you guys. Headmistress Fargonda wants to see us.

Musa: And she wants us to bring the Sirenix Book.

(the camera moves outside the dorm)

Bloom: I thought you might remember this. 


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