Musa Princess Musa of Melody is the Guardian Fairy of Music. She is one of the Winx Club and studies at Alfea College.


Musa loves music, dancing, singing and playing an instruments. She enjoys playing music by herself and often remembers the times her mother sang her songs when she was a child. She often clashes with her father; Ho-Boe, as they are similar in personality. During the first seasons, Musa gives the impression she is a tomboy, but she soon loses this trait as the seasons progress. She is also very emotional and is often confused in her relationship with Riven. She is known to get the best grades of the group despite Tecna being the smartest as a Fairy of Technology. During Season 5, Musa's relationship with Riven starts off well and they seem to be growing closer together, although, later in the season, Riven is seen with another girl and Musa is convinced that Riven doesn't like her anymore and they start growing further apart.


Musa has a dark blue-violet hair, violet eyes, pale skin complexion and has an Asian appearance like her parents.



  • Birthday: May 30th
  • Astrological Sign: Elf
  • Favourite Food: Spicy food
  • Favourite Color: Yellow
  • Favourite Hobby: Playing music & singing!
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Riven; mysterious and a bit of a rebel!
  • Best Friend: Tecna
  • Favourite Movies: Musicals
  • Loves: Performing on the stage in front of a crowd! It's a rush!
  • Favourite Music: Pop music, rock, rap, hip-hop... you name it, I love it!
  • Favourite Spell: Sonic Wave


  • According to Iginio Straffi, Musa's appearance was inspired by Lucy Lui
  • The name "Musa" may come from the Italian word "musa", meaning "muse", derived from the Muses of Greek Mythology.
    • The name "Musa" also comes from the Arabic form of Moses.
    • The name "Musa could also come from the short form of the word "Musica", meaning "music", derived from the Greek word "mousike", meaning "Art of the Muses".
    • In the Welsh dub of Winx Club, Musa's name was changed to Martha. This is because the name "Musa" sounded too much like the Welsh word Mws which means "stale" or "'stinking".
  • During the planning stages, Musa originally had short green hair and wielded a flute. She appears to have slightly bigger eyes in her original drawings. Comparing type planning stages and the current drawing of Musa, she has changed the most.
  • Musa has had the most appearance overhauls in the whole series. First her scrapped prototype design, then moved on to her short black pigtails. Then she had them lengthened. Finally, she forgoes the pigtails altogether, wearing her hair like Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha.
  • Musa and Flora are the only Winx girls who are not princesses in the Nick dub, however Tecna may not be a princess either but due to inconsistency in the series this is currently unknown.
  • Musa has one of the most girly voices of the group, though she is the most tomboyish.
  • It's unknown if Musa has changed, because in the first season she was shown to be tomboyish, but in the last season she is wearing skirts and has become softer, unlike her old tomboyish self.
  • Musa's early life was probably inspired by the early life of the singer, Madonna, since she lost her mother when she was a 5-year old child.
  • Musa's Harmonix looks like Alana, one of Ariel's sisters!

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