Princess Krystal


Voiced by
Francesca Rinaldi (Italian)
Cymphonique Miller (English)
Presumably 16
Alfea, Linphea
Magical Abilities
First Apperance
Return to Alfea
Helia (childhood friend)

Princess Krystal is the childhood friend of Helia and is the princess of Linphea.

Season 5Edit


She and Helia are revealed that they are childhood friends. She also seems to know Diaspro. It is unknown if they are friends or if she just knew about Diaspro and Sky's past engagement plans.

Return to AlfeaEdit

She is in Alfea and saw Helia. She revealed that they were childhood friends. Later in the battle, Helia was attacked and Flora asked her if she could heal him.

The Sirenix BookEdit

Flora takes Krystal to the infirmary. She asks her if she could bring back Sky's memories. She felt that there is something blocking, something that Sky doesn't want to remember.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Krystal's power effects

Krystal's flower effects

Krystal has healing powers and uses it to heal anyone. Since she is from the planet Linphea, Krystal has special effect - colorful flowers - comes out when she uses her healing powers, like Flora, although they are not as colorful as Flora's and Flora seems to have more of this, maybe because of Flora's strength, experience and transformation level.

Magix ChristmasEdit

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