Voiced by
Ilaria Latini (Original/Italian)
Alejandra Reynoso (Nickelodeon)
Associated Selkie
Desiryee, Gatekeeper of Linphea's ocean gate
March 1
Alfea, Winx Club, Linphea, Specialists
Magical Abilities
Nature-based spells/powers
Helia (boyfriend)
Miele (sister)

Flora is the Guardian Fairy of Nature. She studies at Alfea College and is one of the Winx Club. She's the potion master of the group and makes tea for her friends. She is the second most powerful fairy, after Bloom.


Flora is a very sweet, shy, genuine, and a calm person. She loves plants of any kind! She is very cautious of her actions and tries not to do anything that could result in getting herself or the other Winx in trouble. She is shown to be aggresive at times, especially if nature is in danger. She cares about nature and doesn't want to hurt it.

Season 5

Coming Soon...

Trix Tricks

She, Musa and Stella goes to Linphea to find the Flower of the Depths. Later on, she bonded with Desiryee and
Flora and Desiryee Bonding

Flora bonding with Desiryee

took her, Musa, and Stella to the Flower of the Depths. But when she went inside, the flower was supringly became mutated and was trying to attack the girls and the Selkies. Luckily, she used a spell to transform the flower back to normal. The flower, according to Flora's Guardian of Sirenix, said she was brave and there is only one more gem to complete. The girls head back and calls Aisha. Aisha tells them to go meet her and Tecna in Roccaluce Gourge.


Flora has a long honey brown hair, she has green-swampy eyes, and has a tan skin.

Flora wears a green top and underneath is a pink shirt with a pink vest. Her skirt are kind of sharp and has pink and green edges. She wears high-heeled shoes that are pink and green. Her hair is tied up and is decorated with a green bow.


Harmonix Flora

Flora wears a tube top with colored with a light green color and in the middle is a pink petal-like. Her skirt is in a form of a petal with pink colors. Her sandals consists of two straps; a pink one and a green one. Her hair is longer and is tied up. She wears a shell on her hair, and two rose bracelets. 


Flora wears a green mermaid skin tube top, a pale green skirt, pink leggings with pale green ribbons tied around. She also wears high-heeled boots. She wears two violet and pink flowers in her hair and wears a green ribbon tied around her arm. Her wings are seashell shaped wings with spring green and magenta colors and also has a hot pink border.

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